As soon as you open the packaging of your coffee, you smell the dark roasted scent and the sweet tones, delicious! At the same time you exposed the coffee to its greatest enemy: oxygen. In this article you discover how you can store your coffee so it stays fresh and tasty for a long time.

As soon as the packaging of coffee is open, the oils in the coffee give off their aroma (and therefore the taste) to oxygen. So the taste is literally lost. In addition, coffee absorbs the taste of the ambient air in which it is stored. If you do not close the packaging of your coffee properly and store it next to food with a strong smell, there is a risk that you will taste it in the coffee.

Oxygen is the biggest enemy of coffee, but moisture is also harmful to the taste of your coffee. That is why we recommend that you never keep your coffee in the fridge or in a damp cellar.

In addition to oxygen and moisture, heat and light are also detrimental to the freshness and taste of your coffee. So how should you store your coffee? Here are our tips:

  1. Store your coffee in the original packaging and seal it well. (Tip: Check why we do a free clothespin with every order).
  2. If possible, store the package in a canister.
  3. Store the coffee in a dark kitchen cupboard with no spices. Also not in the kitchen cupboard directly above your hob. (Consider the heat.)
  4. If you take your coffee, do not leave the package open for too long.

These tips ensure that you will enjoy your delicious coffee for a long time. Yeehaa!



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